And then this happened…

I’ve been considering new ways to get people writing. Yes, there are a lot of prompts out there and some very good websites and blogs that offer stimulus for getting people to tell their stories. But I want something with a little more meat, an investment if you will. 

What about this idea?

I write a few words, the beginning of a story, and then contributors fill in the next paragraph or so. Nothing too daunting. In fact, maybe keep it to a word limit; one hundred would be a good idea, allowing for a collaborative effort on this blog site, writers building on what the previous has written. We give it a few weeks or so, and see what kind of story evolves. We could call it the “Short Story Project.”


Maybe someone wants to try. Here’s a beginning to work with…write an additional 100 words…

     The car’s right side tires had been driven into the low weeds just off the dirt road, as if someone had hurriedly pulled over. This was an unusual place to see a car parked, and especially at this time of night, along this stretch of road. Bobby walked this way to get home each night after his late shift at the bar and had never seen an automobile even drive along here, let alone one momentarily abandoned in this dark, lonely spot. He hesitantly peered inside driver-side window of the old sedan, believing he might find a couple of half-naked high school students. Instead, in a hint of moonlight, he could see only an opened white envelope on the passenger seat, three or four pages of a what looked like a handwritten letter littered the floor. Bobby reached for the driver-side handle, and after quickly looking around for anyone watching, he slowly opened the door. A mix of cigarette smoke and perfume filtered out. There was a half-empty can of beer in the cup holder. It was still cold to the touch. 

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