2nd Story – What a Treat!

I’ve been doing readings and part of storytelling events in Chicago for a couple of years, but there was nothing quite like the experience at 2nd Story at Webster’s in Lincoln Park, Chicago on Sunday night.

What a fabulous group of storytellers! What a great, enthusiastic crowd! And what a marvelously supportive company 2nd Story is. I am grateful for the opportunity, the experience, and the chance, of course, to tell my story.

This may be what a lot of first time 2nd Storytellers say, right? But here’s the difference for me, I think.
I not only loved the experience – and will do it again in a second show on Monday night (3/11) – but I learned from the others tellers on the stage with me. I didn’t see it only as MY part in a show. I listened and learned from my fellow tellers – Bobby, Kim, Kareem. They are pros.

And that, for a writer, a performer, is important. Learn from your colleagues, learn from the best. Johnny Carson once famously said, “Genius is only knowing what to steal.” He’s right. Be your own artist, make your own mark, but emulate the greats.

I was the student at Webster’s Sunday night. And that was wonderful.

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