The Books that Resonated in 2015

I love lists.

Everyone does. Admit it. There’s a post on Facebook about the year’s top movies, coffee shops, the ten best-dressed celebrities—or the ten worst—the twenty best songs of the year, or the ten cutest dog breeds, you eat it up, right? Lists are fun.

So, that said, here is my list for 2015. The books that RESONATED the most in 2015. Not necessarily published in 2015, just resonated for me—personally—more than any other.

I have a short list of the three and brief reasons why.

What books meant the most to you this year? That’s the subject of our two-part special of THE BLEEDING TYPEWRITER. Episode 8 is below and downloadable at iTunes. Feel free to subscribe. Part-two of the duo comes in Episode 9.

Oh, yeah, those books…

1. A Moveable Feast, Ernest Hemingway

The recent terrorist attacks reminded all of us that we are all Parisians, and that what Hemingway brought to life in this book is the Paris we all want to remain forever.

2. Beatlebone, Kevin Barry

A book that blends reality and fantasy and the Beatles. But, for me, what is so impactful is how Berry shines a light on the universal need to understand ourselves. It truly is a book for our uncertain times.

3. Love and Other Ways of Dying, Michael Paterniti

The essays in this book were not written in 2015. But no matter the date of publication, the words in it tell lyrical, ultimately uplifting stories about the wonder of everyday people. And what better time to celebrate the everyday. in Episode 9…

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