And Now, Something Out Loud


I have a couple of audiobooks out there. Two of my memoirs are offered on Audible: October Song and There’s a Hamster in the Dashboard. I’m proud of those listenable renditions and they were fun to produce. I hope, also, fun to listen to. If you’re an audiobook person—and they are a certain kind of story consumer—consider my two memoirs. It would be great to have you in the fold of “listening readers.” I just made up that term, but it seems to fit, don’t you think?

My most recent book, The Consequence of Stars is officially out in the world. It launched in NYC a few weeks ago and recently in Chicago. I have yet to consider moving forward with audio on this new book. I have the rights to that platform, so we’ll see. But either way, I thought maybe a little taste of the book in audio form would be a great way to get you, the reader, to consider picking up a copy. It works at readings and events, right?


So, that said. Here’s a little taste.

The Consequence of Stars is a memoir in essays. They are linked stories on the theme of home—what home means to us, why we search for it, long for it. The title of the book comes from the idea of our endless dreams, when we wish on a star. What are the consequences of those dreams? The ones that come true and the ones that never do. And if we are forever as humans in this world searching for a home—physical or metaphorical—then what are the consequences of that searching?

The book has been described by reviewers as touching, relatable, and at times both humorous and heartwarming. I am grateful for such words. But I’ll let you decide if those words hold up with this audio rendition of one of the essays entitled “Apples in the Chimney.”

One other note: I’ll be at The Book Cellar in Chicago’s Lincoln Square 6/19 for Local Author Night. Stop by! A reading, and yes, books available.

“Apples in the Chimney”— from The Consequence of Stars


Microphone photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

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