Hemingway Shorts

It’s time to write. You. The one who has been considering entering or submitting your work for publication or consideration. You. Yes, you.

The Ernest Hemingway Foundation of Oak Park is announcing a special project to encourage creative writing. Hemingway Shorts is an initiative that asks you to submit your best work to be judged by the current Writer-in-Residence at the Hemingway Birthplace Home (me) and two other former Writers-in-Residence—Susan Hahn and Annette Gendler.


The point of this is this…

Write to a goal.

Many of us who wish to write continually tell ourselves, “Oh, I’ll get to it.” And we never do. Sometimes the better process to write toward something. Set a goal. “By Friday I will write 500 words in my journal.” Or…submit.

Plan to enter a contest, a competition, a chance to publish. Knowing you have a deadline for something REAL, not just a personal accomplishment, kicks in the creative juices and knocks us off the procrastination couch.


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