The Bleeding Typewriter — The Podcast

A new adventure is underway. It’s the debut of a new podcast entitled THE BLEEDING TYPEWRITER.

The title is a riff on the famous Hemingway line about writing not being so hard—you just “sit down at the typewriter and bleed.”

However, THE BLEEDING TYPEWRITER podcast is not all about writing. It’s about the creative process, about what it takes to pour your heart out—bleed, if you will—and be an artist, whatever that might mean to you. Part time, full time, freelancing, or maybe you’ve jumped right into the Bohemian lifestyle and are the real thing—a true starving artist. Maybe you’re a musician, a painter, or photographer. Maybe you keep a journal and you see it as your creative output. Any of this requires a little blood, right?

That’s what THE BLEEDING TYPEWRITER celebrates. Take a listen. See what you think. You can subscribe at iTunes or listen right here. And certainly, drop a comment here or email me. Love to hear from you!


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