Have I Bit Off Too Much?

I’m not much of a resolution guy, at least when it comes to the New Year. I think of it more as a refresh or a reawakening. 

This year I began several new initiatives and I’m concerned I may have given myself too much to consider. Well, maybe not. Honestly, I don’t know. 
I started meditation. Light stuff. Something I had done, and done poorly, before. But I found a new book – “Mindfulness” – that is helping. We’ll see. 
I also started a new food plan to lose a few pounds. That, has been, so far, going incredibly well. I actually started this a day BEFORE the New Year. All so cliche, right? 
And today, I also began a new story, one that was inspired by several storylines in movies I’ve seen lately. Inspiration from other stories is not unusual (and not copying, by the way). These storylines and my own life experiences have been bubbling on this one for some time. It’s about a banished professor who returns to the English countryside where he wrote his first and only book to be confronted by a young woman who insists he has written about her life. She is compelled to meet him. He is reluctant and impatient with her, considering her a bit of a nutcase. But when she begins to reveal her story, he is haunted by its precise detail, details from his book and his life. Well, at least I think that’s where it’s going. You know how that isthe story will ultimately tell itself. 
I also returned to my work on pet stories, a group of essays I hope to complete this winter. 
All too much? 
Maybe. But, if all of it doesn’t stick, some of it will, right? 

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