Resolutions…No, Really.

Not much of  New Year’s resolution guy. Not much of a New Year’s guy. Not because it’s “for amateurs” as some say, but because it seems strange to me to resolve to be better, eat less, drink less, smoke less, get healthy, blah-blah-blah at the beginning of a new year. Why not make it, say, February 12 or June 1? It doesn’t really matter, does it? If you want to resolve, why focus on the new year? But I guess if a long-standing tradition helps you resolve something worthwhile, then have at it.

But if you do resolve anything this New Year, I’m asking you to consider including a different category of resolve.

Yes, health, friends and family issues are certainly good subjects for resolutions. But I suggest you include the category of “creativity.” How do you resolve to further your creative side in 2014?

If you write, write more, be more disciplined. If you paint, paint more or take on a new project. If you dance, dance with purpose. And if you simply just keep a nightly or daily journal – stick to it. Buy yourself a nice leather journal and a good pen and have it at. Make the time for yourself. Creativity is really about discipline. You have to have a plan. Make a time and place for your creativity and don’t waver. It’s like working out – set a time, a place, and a plan and then JUST DO IT!

It’s nice to think that creativity begins from some magical place, is sparked by a muse, or a spiritual moment. And part of that may be true. But don’t wait for that “moment” or your muse to speak to you. Get to it. Resolve to nurture your creative side, but do it with purpose.

David B

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