I have been privileged in a lot of ways in my life. I have great kids, people to care about, a love that is like no other, and the incredible delight to be able to tell stories–on the radio, in print, online, in ebooks, and in live-lit performances. I do see it as a privilege. I’ve been blessed.

From time to time in my career, I have been blessed to win some awards–big and small. But recently I was awarded the 2013 Chicago Writers Association BOOK OF THE YEAR AWARD for nontraditional nonfiction for my memoir ANY ROAD WILL TAKE YOU THERE. And this was particularly special. 
Not only was the award presented after wonderful writers read and reviewed the book, which is special in and of itself, but this story, this book, is so incredibly close to my heart. It’s a story of fathers and sons–my father, my sons. And there is nothing more intimate than a man’s relationship with his father, no matter how imperfect it may be. 
Yes, I am privileged to tell stories. But I am even more privileged to tell the stories of my life. They–and this award–are precious. 

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