If You Write Personal Stories…

I’m a fan — no that’s not true – I’m not a fan. I am an admirer, better word, of Phillip Lopate, the great essayists and literary nonfiction writer. (If you have not read Confessions of a Shusher, please do. It is a masterpiece in personal essay writing.)

Why do I not describe my interest in Lopate with the word “fan?” Well, “fan” implies that I devour his work, covet it. That I do not do. I have read a lot of Lopate, but he’s not one of my favorite authors. However, that said, I hugely admire him and how he shapes a piece of work. He is to be studied, to be read, to be listened to.

Here’s your chance.

If you know Lapote’s work – and love it – then you’ll love this interview. If you are new to Lopate, well, you’ll love this interview.

Poets and Writers-Interview with Phillip Lopate. 

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