This Much is True

After being immersed in writing while at the Jack Kerouac House in Orlando this summer, it’s been tough getting back into the swing of things – the writing swing – here in the Chicago area. Not that I don’t want to write – I certainly do and have, to some extent – but the routine is off. And that makes be wonder about how writers – of all kinds – get themselves back in the groove after a change in their usual or planned writing routine?

It’s not that easy, is it?
Writing is work, and it takes time and thought, introspection and consideration, and many times what is needed it a difficult commodity to cultivate – quiet. Those who don’t write sometimes don’t get this. Even our loved ones don’t always understand the process. How could they if they don’t also write?
So, I’m wondering today – what do you do? What do you do to get your writing swagger back after a break, a respite? How do you jump start the process? Or do you? Maybe you slog back into it like I’m currently doing. Or maybe you are atypical and simply never fall off the writing track? You lucky devil, you.
I have one thing that may help. This coming Tuesday night in Chicago I’ll be reading at the This Much is True event at the Hopleaf Bar, 5148 North Clark. TMIT is a marvelous addition to the storytelling circuit in Chicago and really is a kick to experience. Come on out and help me get my writing juices flowing again! It might also electrify your writing, too.

One thought on “This Much is True

  1. Just read your wonderful story at Epiphany magazine and thought I'd follow your blog. I agree that getting into the groove is very difficult when life changes. In fact, I cannot hold down a job and write. Fortunately, I am also good at making up fabulously enticing ad-copy and that has made it easier for me to finally quit and write. LOL I also noticed your bio and from what I can tell, you won't have any problems moving forward.


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