One Month and NOT Counting

I’ve been at the Kerouac House for over a month now, and have just about a month left – a little more than halfway.

Its bittersweet.
This is a marvelous place to work: great atmosphere, historical and spiritual in a way. The neighborhood is wonderful, and the friends I’ve made have been supportive and genuinely interested in my work.
In the next couple of weeks – plenty to do. This Saturday Mad-about-Words is holding a workshop for me here at the Kerouac House for writers interested in pursuing more ways to enlighten their work. I see that as a big responsibility and I take it seriously. I look forward to it. The house will be a wonderful place to hold the workshop, as it’s homey and full of “writer energy.”
Then later this month, I’ll be at Infusion Tea for a reading with Soft Exposure. I was at the June reading where we listened to some wonderful local poets.
Then, in August I’ll hold my final reading at the house during a farewell party here. That will will include a lot of “sweet” along with the aforementioned “bitter.” (I’ve already told the Jack Kerouac Project: “I’m not leaving!)
Then it’s off to Sea Island, Georgia for the Scribbler’s Writer’s Conference where I’ll be the keynote speaker Saturday, August 13th.
Meantime – the work on the manuscript continues: lots of redrafting, chapter changes, and touch-ups, and – as Hemingway said – the search for that “one true sentence.” But I see it coming together and I’m grateful to the JK Project for giving me the time and this remarkable place to make that happen.
Then comes the doubt. Writer’s have doubt, don’t you know? Who knew? But I’m ready for that, and the writer therapy I’ll need when that thick manuscript sits on my desk — waiting.

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