The Lizard King

Of course, that’s the Door’s Jim Morrison, I know. But it could be Jack Kerouac, too. The front porch of Jack’s house is a lizard haven. Little grecko-type reptiles scatter when I open the door. Probably about a hand’s length long. Some of them bellow in the throat like a bull frog. Quite impressive.

Good day of writing today. Couple chapters shaped. And got word on a workshop I’ll be collaborating on with Mad about Words, a great friend of the Kerouac House and a fine group of writers pulling together workshops for those who want to tell their stories. It will be sometime in July and if you’re in the Orlando area, worth checking on. More when things are confirmed.
Visitors are coming! Visitors are coming! A few people planning to come down to say hello over the next months. My wonderful girlfriend will be down over the Fourth, my son Graham later that month for a couple days, and my dear friend, Brad from Denver will stop by for a few days in early August. My older son, Casey, probably will not be able to make it. He’s a busy creative guy as it is, and has a FULL summer. Go get ’em, young man.
Oh yes, and to answer the question I am most asked: Is it hot down here? Yep, it is. But it’s not unbearable. It’s welcome. Remember, home for me is Chicago!
Out on the bike for a bit, a cup of coffee, and many emails to return. Then – back to Jack’s room for the tapping of the keys!

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