Kerouac Admirers at the Door

Another day of good writing and reading here at Jack’s house. I’m working in the early mornings after a bike ride, writing in Jack’s room for 3-4 hours. I take a break to eat, make more coffee, take another quick ride, and then edit. I might return in the mid-to-late afternoon to begin again, but only work for another hour or so.

Today, during a break for coffee, I tried my hand at a few haikus. Jack was a master at the Western Haiku, poems not restrained by the 5-7-5 syllable lines. It was like Kerouac to break the rules. There’s a book here of Kerouac’s haikus, hundreds of them. They inspired me. Not ready to share them yet. I’ll let them sit for a day before offering them up.

Just about 5:30pm local time, I had my first “Kerouac hunters” knock at the door. Although that phrase seems a little pejorative, these were not the Kerouac crazies who can show up at Kerouac haunts drunk and full of bravado. These were two nice ladies spending some time in Orlando who just wanted to see Jack’s place. They were polite and interested, and well-informed about Kerouac, this house, and his time in Orlando. They took pictures and we talked for a half hour or so. It was good. I suspect they won’t be the last.

Tonight, I sit on the front porch, a great cool breeze on a crystal clear night. I’ll take one more bike spin before dark and choose a reading I’ve been asked to perform at a Saturday night benefit for the Jack Kerouac Project. Tomorrow – an early rise, morning writing, and a day spent in the Florida sun.

Can anyone say – paradise…


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