Bracelets of Grace (Audio Documentary)

It’s a been a bit. My fault. I’ve been working on my audio documentary about the MIA-POW bracelets of the Vietnam War era, and it’s been intense. GOOD intense, though. That kind of intense when you can see, feel, and hear the work coming together. I’m so happy with what I’ve been able to discover from this story and so grateful to the family of Major Stanley Horne of Madison, Wisconsin. They have been so wonderful to me, giving me access to personal letters and documents. The major’s story is the focus of the narrative of the documentary, taking the listener through the making of the bracelets, what the bracelets stood for, and how they crossed the divide between those against the war and those supporting it during those incredible and tumultuous times.

I will be soon starting a blog, a place where anyone who has stories about their POW-MIA bracelets can enter a post, write about what the bracelet meant to them. It will also be a place for those who lost loved ones in Vietnam but are thankful for the bracelet campaign and how it helped them through those difficult times. I’ll be promoting the blog and the documentary soon, hoping to have it aired on radio stations across the country and possibly be available for download at where some of my other material has been offered.

Before I get the bracelet blog going, if you have any personal stories of the bracelets you’d like to share, please write me here at this blog. We would all love to read them.


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