He’s Back!

It’s been awhile.

I’ve been working hard on my new memoir manuscript, contemplating what the hell I’m writing in this new novel (it’s a tougher go than the memoir work) and reading, a lot. Read a new book entitled A Common Pornography, by Kevin Sampsell, that I absolutely loved. Uniquely told story about a boy, a young man, and a father’s legacy. It’s disturbing, troubling, and at the same time, funny and heartwarming. Well, maybe “heartwarming” is not the right word. Either way, it’s worthy of notice.

Also just picked up Out Stealing Horses by Per Petterson, translated by Anne Born. I have not heard a bad thing about this book – friends, reviews, colleagues all say it is stunning. So – I read…

I’ll let you know.

This Friday I’ll be presenting at a teacher’s workshop about creative writing and audio, pulling the two together to help create the best writing from students. And that reminds me, I’ve got some new work to do on that. It’s a incredible thing to see the work of students come alive, off the paper, in audio work; them reading their works and editing in music and sound. It is an extension of the creative writing process that can be invigorating and liberating. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Last entry I asked for some help with naming my next manuscript – of course editors and publishers have a say in this, and what we work out together could be nixed in the first edits – but – keep sending out ideas, I would greatly appreciate it.

Hope all is well, keeping writing, reading, creating.


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