A New Year’s Goal

I never liked resolutions for the New Year. The process always felt forced or ritualistic instead of real. Truly, why not make a resolution at ANY TIME OF THE YEAR?

But, given the tradition and the element of obligation the New Year brings, maybe a little literary goal, a literary resolution wouldn’t be a bad thing.

Five literary goals for 2010…

1. Read more. I always read a bunch, but the more your read the better you know your craft and the better you write.
2. Write more. I can always write more, absolutely. And “finding the time” goes right along with this goal. It’s part of the package.
3. Go Deeper. I have always asked my students to “go deep” when working on their writing, especially nonfiction or memoir or personal essay work. But I want to go deeper, explore harder, uncover bigger boulders.
4. Submit more. I have always submitted my work, but I need to be more focused on submitting to journals and literary magazines.
5. Listen more to my heart. I have always done this, maybe to my detriment, but I believe the more I listen for what’s in my heart, the more true my writing will be.

Use mine, write your own, but either way – think about some resolutions that make sense for your work. Or, simply, your life.

Happy New Year!
David W. Berner

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